Ministries Departments

 Christ Fountains Ministries has been used as a fountain of settlement & restoration to many people including job seekers, the sick people, orphanage & needy, broken marriages, job restoration & a whole range of various families’ need. You out there might be the next vessel that will collect and be connected to the Fountain of Life. You are anointed for greatness.

​​Itinerary Ministry



The Lord has given us an itinerary Ministry to take the word, grace, anointing, teachings he has entrusted to us to Christian, leaders, Ministries, Groups and  organization. Through our Itinerary Ministry we take of what the Lord has given us and bless God’s people in other ministries and places. Our Itinerary Ministry provides us with opportunity to be a blessing to the Body of Christ in a more broader platform spanning towns, communities, cities and countries. We welcome every opportunity and invitation the Lord brings our path to be a blessing to God’s people through this platform. We look forward to working with ministers, ministries Christian groups, and organization through our itinerary ministry.




As a ministry Missions is very dear to our hearts, through our outreach ministry in Amathole District Municipality we are overwhelmed  by the spiritual need in communities in the Eastern Cape. We encounter communities is spiritual darkness, oppression, sin and satanic strongholds of alcohol, sexual promiscuity , crime, violence, drug abuse poverty, sickness and diseases. Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, He is the Bread of Life, the Captain of eternal salvation. The Lord declares in Matt 18:19  that we should go into all the  World and preach the Gospel of salvation to all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father the  Son and the Holy Ghost. Christ fountains ministries is taking the gospel to communities and towns in spiritual needs in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and Beyond. We are holding tent meetings and Revival  through the support of our partners and local pastors in the area. Soul winning is a top priority to us as a ministry and we are devotion to missions as the Lord continues to us to fulfill his divine plan of Salvation for the Lost.

​​Youth  Ministry


Psalm 103:5  declares  .. that the Lord renews our youths like the Eagles,  God’s Plan for young people is to make them Champions, to manifest his glory in and through their lives. Unfortunately that is not the case in many Places. Today’s world is filled with young people with no  moral value system and principles in hand. They are driven by the current of  fast and fleeting pleasures of life and material gratification, which have lead many young people into disastrous circumstances and situations. There is a rising trend of alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, violence, drugs, crimes, theft and rape in perpetuated by young people in our communities. Parents and love ones in many homes have buried their young people and are still suffering the pain of their loss. This is not the Lord will, God wants young people educate, trained and empower for destiny fulfillment. Our Youth Ministry is reaching out to young people in the city of East London, through youth reach out  programmers and tours. Our focus is to reach to the needs of young people in the High Schools, Colleges, varsity and other training institutions in East London  area and other communities. There are more than 50,000 young people in different schools in the Buffalo City and Amathole District Municipalities, our vision is to reach them effectively for Jesus Christ.




The Family is the Center of society, every society is only as strong as its family structures and institutions. Christ Fountain Ministry is a Family Church, we believe in families, we support Families and pray for them. The rate at which families are breaking up in our communities is alarming. Most children in some of the communities we are ministering to are from single parents or are born outside wed lock. They never experience the love of  caring parents, as a ministry we continue to pray and minister to those in our area of contact and encourage family development and strengthening of families through the land.

Prayer Ministry


The   Lord  Jesus Christ  Declared in Luke 18:1  that men ought always to pray and not to faint, prayer is an  Inseparable part of the life of a Christian and  any Christian ministry. Jesus Himself was  a prayerful person the bible accounts that on one occasion he prayed all night  Luke 6:12, the Lord also admonish us to  Watch and Pray so we do not fall into temptation  Matt 26:41.  Through prayer we gain control of situations and circumstances in the natural world as well as dictate the course of our lives and endeavors. We program ourselves for the kind of life we want to live and lead in the World.   Prayer changes things, Why must we pray?  Because there is a God in Heaven who is all powerful and all knowing, who listens and hears our intimate communication of prayer and responds with hesitation with all might and power just to answer our request.

God has set in place principles and privileges for us not to be victims of the onslaught of satanic forces and wicked men in the world ; prayer is one of those principles and privileges of power set by God for His children to take charge of life without fear or dismay. As a Ministry, we devoted in prayer and intercession for God’s people, families, communities, leaders, and our society at larges.  Romans 12:12 admonish God’s people to be instant in prayer, 2Cor 1:11  encourages us to pray for others, Dan 9:3 showed the life devoted to prayer and intercession with fasting, Through prayer Daniel gain access to heavenly revelations and answers that reveal God’s plan for his people in captivity.

Philippians 4:6  instructs to be careful for nothing but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanks giving we should communicate our request to God. In James 5:15  The word of the Lord declares that the prayer of faith will save the sick. Instead of crying and suffering under satanic orchestrated circumstances and bondages lets come together in faith knowing we serve a mighty God who created heaven and earth, A God with whom nothing is impossible and lets pray and receive answers and miracles, I say to every one in need of a miracle, your solution is a prayer way don’t give up.We take a firm stand in prayer against all those things that are contrary to God’s Will for the lives of Men and society. Through prayer will make power and change available, the Holy Spirit Himself strengthens us for this glorious ministry of Prayer. We encourage you to call us and submit a prayer request. God Bless You Richly in all Things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.



God’s love is without boundaries and conditions, the love of God continues to Inspire us to minister to the needy and less privilege in our society. Christ fountains ministries with the help our partners continue to help the needy in our midst and community. I Corinthians 13:1-13 , shows the importance of charity and charitable works in our walk of faith as Christians. God has chosen is people to help the weak and needy people in the world. 1 Cor 16:14 Admonishes us to do all things with Charity. We are committed to helping the poor and needy in communities as we minister to them the life giving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.




Part of our Vision as a ministry is to established institutions of learning and educational care; we currently run a Day Care Center in the buffalo city municipality and we have apply for license for a grade R and  Primary School from the department of education. We are in need of partners and sponsors to work with us to take Christian based education to our host communities and municipality. The challenges facing this great country of South Africa  can only be resolved to great measure through Christian and lifestyle based educational programs and institutions that will produce leaders with character and value system that will promote unity, prosperity and reconciliation across the country. We still trusting the Lord for partners and stakeholders that help  Fund our vision. We are also planning a Full ICT Centre for young people to learn computer media and information technology skills.